Your company needs an indoor radio

Your company needs an indoor radio

Would you like to increase your company’s sales and grow customer loyalty? Would you like your customers to leave your store feeling happier? Or maybe you need to increase staff productivity?

Then learn the advantages of creating an indoor radio for your company through an online radio and understand why this great tool is essential for your business.

If you own or manage a store, market, restaurant, or any other business, you have probably heard of indoor radio. You may be familiar with it by another name, such as corporate radio, ambient radio or company radio. Regardless of how you call it, we will explain why you should have an indoor broadcasting system. And we will show you how to do this by creating an online radio smoothly.

Numerous brands around the world already use this tool. It is not used solely and exclusively for ambient sound in commercial establishments. And the investment in this communication system is reverted to high results in the most diverse areas of a company.

A corporate radio improves internal communications

A company’s successful internal communication strategy is the basis for achieving satisfactory results. It reinforces the idea that employees are essential to the company.

With streaming technology (thanks to technological evolution), it has become easier to keep employees engaged. Creating a web radio focused on internal communication can be more effective than investing in other informative channels like electronic newspapers or bulletin boards and can yield high benefits.

Below are some of the advantages of using an indoor online radio

  • Increases the interaction and alignment of ideas among employees
  • Streamlines the dissemination of corporate messages
  • Strengthens the company’s organizational culture
  • A direct communication channel with the board of directors and other administrative sectors
  • Productivity increases, and consequently, profit
  • Enhances staff engagement between different areas and departments

A corporate radio to increase sales and build customer retention

We know that most purchases occur using emotion before reason. And most decisions are made right at the point of sale, whether it is a website or a physical store.

Therefore, a friendly environment that conveys a pleasant feeling linked to your product is a powerful and persuasive weapon for your customer to decide to purchase.

If you wish to create customer loyalty and, consequently, increase your results, the tip is to start an online radio.

A pleasant environment increases sales

Entering a store and listening to good music could make all the difference to the consumer when it comes to shopping.

Having a pleasant environment makes customers stay in the store longer and come back more often, thus building customer loyalty and increasing sales.

The soundtrack helps build the sensory marketing, using the five human senses to arouse the desire to buy. The consumer receives information through all senses. When well used, hearing enhances the sensations and creates greater comfort.

This type of strategy attracts the customers’ attention leading them to stay in the establishment for longer, thus generating mental triggers about a particular product or service.

And for those moments when customers need to wait a little while, your in-house radio programming can entertain them without them even realizing they have spent time waiting. Moreover, this tool helps keep your customers informed about all the news in your business.

Online radio station for online stores

Do you have an online store? Then creating an internet radio that alternates product tips with music and promotion hints will engage your lead like few online tools can do.

Remember that the longer a prospective client browses your website, the higher the chance of finding a product that satisfies them. Consequently, the greater likelihood that they will conclude a purchase.

How to set up a program schedule for an indoor radio

The content of the corporate radio will highly depend on the target audience (customers or employees). An in-house radio, aimed at a company’s employees, usually benefits from customized content (we detail this below) combined with popular music.

On the other hand, an in-house radio targeted at engaging potential customers needs content that matches the store’s environment. Think about your customer profile and the product you sell and develop content based on this information!

Suggestions for corporate radio content aimed at employees:

  • Narratives telling the company’s story
  • Achievements, challenges, and company values
  • Interviews with employees or customers
  • Administrative or management announcements
  • Messages about wellbeing and health, news, weather forecast, among others
  • Social campaigns

Ideas for indoor radio content aimed at customers:

  • Tips with promotions and product suggestions
  • Messages about the weather forecast, health, fashion, and travel tips, among others
  • Reviews about products sold in the store
  • Messaging about opening hours and days

Now, you probably think it will take a lot of work to develop all this content.

Don’t worry! Companies like BRLOGIC provide customers with vignettes, campaigns, and short programs that help fill in the online radio programming.

Do I need to dedicate an employee for the internet radio?

If you believe that you need someone dedicated exclusively to managing an in-house radio, then read the following lines thoroughly!

Currently, with streaming technology, you can create your online radio programming comprehensively and in detail in a few minutes.

Through Auto DJ – an on-demand streaming system – you can create and schedule playlists to be played when you want, several days in advance. This feature is ideal for corporate radios because it does not need a dedicated employee to manage it.

Suppose you are the only online radio operator, short on time, and lacking live content. In that case, Auto DJ will help you insert a music block for your morning, afternoon, or evening program grid

When it comes to inserting a live announcement or promotion, or an interesting fact about your company, connect your computer with access to the internet and the broadcasting program.

Now that you know the importance of having an internet radio to improve your company communication and image with your stakeholders, how about starting your project with us and achieving great results?

BRLOGIC has the best solution for online radio stations in the market. We also offer a seven-day free trial, with no obligation! Access our website to create your radio. In a few minutes, you will have your online radio and ready to be released to your listeners!

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Luiz Silveira

Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.

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    Claudio Loreiro
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    A service of quality with special assistance made by a pro team.

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    BRLOGIC has been providing the streaming, website and mobile App for us from Rádio Conectados for 7 years
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