What are the differences between an online radio station and a regular radio station?

What are the differences between an online radio station and a regular radio station

The growth of Internet popularity has changed the way that people act as well as how they access different kinds of services. It’s the same case for radio.

Being used to traditional radio, which is limited its frequency variation as well as by the distance from the transmission antenna, it’s possible that you have experienced the signal fading until it’s no longer possible follow its content, because you went too far from the transmission, leaving the stations territory.

Internet has provided a new way of making and listening to radio, which we call online radio. It allows the listener access to music and programming by simply clicking from anywhere, as long as they have Internet connection.

A less bureaucratic enterprise.

In order to set up a traditional radio station, first you must have a large sum of money at your disposal, since you’ll be required to buy an antenna, have a place for installing an AM/FM transmitter, a digital tuner.

And expenses don’t stop there, you’ll need a studio, a soundboard, professional microphones, a computer with Internet access to and programs for downloading music.

On top of that, there is a great financial investment, you’ll need patience to organize all the documents required by law, besides paying all of the taxes.

On the other hand, to set up and online radio station , basically you’ll need a server for online audio streaming, a computer connected to the Internet, and your voice.

Large investments on expensive equipment aren’t required, and you don’t need a license to broadcast a specific frequency. All you need is to sign up for streaming and start broadcasting.

Advantages of an online radio station for your listeners

Let’s talk about the advantages of an online radio station as compared to traditional stations, as far as the listeners go.

Listening from anywhere: In order to listen to an online radio station, all one needs is a device with an Internet connection. This device can be a desktop, a laptop, smartphone or even a Smart TV! Unlike frequency stations, online radio stations are not limited by the geographical distance.

Easy access: In order to listen to a traditional radio station, you need a radio or a radio tuner app on your mobile, obviously. In the last case, it may be necessary that the phone itself has an FM receiver chip, which is not common. On the other hand, in order to listen to an online radio station, all you need is Internet connection on a device. As mentioned above, your favorite station will be easily accessed without the need of any special equipment.

Little data consumption: for those who are used to listening to online radio stations, the good news is that the data consumption is low. This is especially the case when compared to video streaming. Therefore, the listeners will be able to enjoy their favorite station where ever they are through mobile data or wi-fi.

Sound Quality: on an online radio station, the signal is 100% digital. This means that the streaming will not be affected by tuning problems and other limitation inherent to frequency. The result is a cleaner, and clearer sound that can be easily adjusted by the host. It’s possible to prioritize a specific transmission that requires less connection tot the listener, or even a transmission with a higher sound quality.

For those who wish to set up an online radio station

One of the most attractive advantages of an online radio station is its low cost, since using a computer and streaming are enough to get an amazing result.

This doesn’t mean that the system used in an online station is completely different from traditional stations. It’s possible to join a traditional station and an online one, both occupying the same physical space. A traditional radio station can’t afford not to have an online presence as well these days.

This station can potentially raise more listeners for a traditional radio station, since the programming which was once restricted only a specific region can have no boundaries if it’s online as well. More listeners, means more profit.

Unlike traditional radio stations, on which the advertisements need a host and jingles, online radio stations opens up space for visual ads, like banners. Weather forecast may be seen at all times, there is no need for the host to announce that information.

Other opportunities can be extracted when we are referring to an online radio station, since it’s possible to set up specific program directed to a specific target audience.

Not only an online radio stations allows broadcasting interviews with famous people, experts and other professionals, along with music files as in the famous flashback, but the listener is also free to access any content at any time through the pod cast system.


Online radio has been consolidated on the Internet. The lower cost and and possibility of fitting the most different needs make it a an important tool for the traditional stations so they fit in with the time, aside from opening windows of opportunity for increased profit.

Besides harboring the spirit of innovation for traditional stations, online radio is seen as a way to to make the medium more democratic, broadening horizons of what can be accomplished through the broadcast of one voice.

Thanks to online radio stations, everyone can transmit messages easily all over the world.

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Claudio Loreiro
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A service of quality with special assistance made by a pro team.

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