Tips for improving your station’s website

Tips for improving your station's website

Working with the Internet may seem easy, since online alternatives as quicker and cheaper than working with traditional equipment.

Radio business is not different. Online radio stations are without a doubt easier to set up and maintain as compared to traditional stations, be it due to cost or the bureaucracy involved.

However, if one side holds advantages, on the other there are some issues that need special attention so they don’t keep adding up and turn into an avalanche.

Although online radios are growing in popularity due to their low setting up and maintenance costs, establishing yourself apart from other stations in the market may be difficult due to the competition.

There are some basic steps that must be taken regarding safety, layout quality and content of your website. This can make all the difference when it comes to acquiring listeners, and it is what we’ll go over on this post!

How to make your website safer

Internet safety has never been so debated as it is nowadays. That is precisely why people who visit websites are more alert to safety warnings displayed on the web, even the discreet and small ones.

Currently, the most common warning displayed on radio station websites refer to the lack of SSL certificate, or the famous “https”.

When we browse a website without the SSL, a message saying “unsafe” is shown on the browsers address bar. It warns the visitors that all the information exchanged between them and the website could be intercepted or even modified.

We have a post dedicated to the importance of the SSL certificate for your online radio station’s website.

This is without a doubt the main resource that helps protect your visitor’s privacy. Moreover, it helps increase your station’s credibility.

However, it’s also important to keep an eye open for not so frequent, and even more dangerous, warnings like “fishing”; which may also indicate that the data of a website is compromised by ill intended individuals trying to get visitor data without consent.

Therefore, hosting your radio station’s site on a server which puts safety first is primordial!

Manageable websites for radio stations.

Radio websites can’t be static. Their content must be dynamic, with frequent updates so that listeners ad visitors access them periodically in search of news.

flexible website, fully manageable is paramount, since besides allowing you to quickly add news, events and giveaways, for example, it offers the possibility of renewing the web page with just a few clicks.

Through a good manageable website offered to you, it’s possible to add and remove modules, like banners, highlighted posts, events, images, moving banners, and more.

A manageable website allows for greater interaction with the audience, since it opens up space for chats, and even listener participation on live programs.

Upon creating your radio station’s website be sure that it’s manageable, in other words, that it allows you to personalize it and add content quickly and easily.

Customize your station’s site with a professional look

One of the risks for those who have a manageable website for online radio stations is not paying much attention to the page’s layout. Therefore, the thing one must be aware of is how to choose the correct colors for the layout, specially when dealing with stronger and more eye-catching colors.

Go for colors that match, and if you do use a strong color, alternate it with more neutral ones as well.

Besides that, the website must have a clean appearance. In other words, it needs to be pleasant on the eyes. Beware of the quality and quantity of the the content you insert on the same pages, in order to avoid that it becomes too heavy or polluted.

Site pollution is one of the main issues. A polluted site, with too much information may confuse the visitor and cause the site to load slower. Images in excess is far from being the largest problem. Be careful with the quantity, size and the quality of the the images you add to your website.

Something else that is very important is that you show that you are present on all corners of the Internet. Add in a visible spot all the buttons for your station’s social media and even study the possibility of adding widget to the most used networks. This will increase the interaction between visitors and your website., consequently increasing your audience.

This interaction with the listener is extremely important, because it’s through this interaction that you will know how to customize your station according to the listeners’ tastes.

Offer them an area to express their opinion, through messages boards and comments. This will show your visitors that your station is active, aside from giving you feedback on what changes should be made, what should be reinforced, and what should kept on the site as well as in your programming.

Using SEO techniques on your Stations website

SEO means search engine optimization.

In a few words SEO describes a technique of optimizing a website so that they are always shown in the best possible position inside search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Making your website appear up top is hard work, but it brings surprising results. We’ll show you a few simple techniques that can be used in a good online radio station website.

Efficient key words: Chose key words that summarize your station in an efficient way. Focus on and think of your audience. Imagine what types of searches your listeners and visitors make on the Internet and try to find key words that fit inside that context.

Tittle and site description: Spend some time choosing a tittle and a description for your website. Besides quickly summarizing your station, the tittle must be eye-catching enough to attract your audience’s attention through a quick glance.

Updated and quality content: Sites with a high update rate, and which have quality content earn more SEO points. Update your station’s website with news, events, give-aways and useful content whenever possible. But the content must have quality! Updating a website with just any information, just to have something new, will do more harm than good.

Make partners: An important criteria used to make your site rank higher on search engines is the relevance and the authority it has on the Internet. One way of acquiring relevance and authority is having other sites with links to yours! An interesting way of getting these links is by getting partners on sites with the same audience as your radio station. An image with a link to your your site on a partner’s page is always welcome.


As all enterprises, success is only reached after hard work and dedication. Setting up an online radio station can make things easier, but it doesn’t do away with the greater challenges.

That is why making your site a secondary and less important tool is not a good strategy to raise your audience, much less a way of acquiring loyal listeners.

The world is more full than ever, and connected through much new technology.

A listener may become more interested with your radio station and access the site for extra information. On the other hand, a visitor, upon landing on your website through a Google search, may become a loyal listener.

At last, a potential sponsor will check all the information regarding your station before signing a business contract, this includes your site.

Setting up a good and maneageble website for your station is paramount, and it all starts with choosing a company with credibility.

It all starts with choosing your server. Check if the site contains a SSL certificate (https), if it’s manageable and responsive.!
You find all of this with BRLOGIC. And best of all? You still get a 7-day free trial, instant with with no strings attached!

During this trial period you can personalize your site and add your own content.

Are you interested? Click here to set up your own online radio station with BRLOGIC now and enjoy all the resources of a fully manageable website!

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Luiz Silveira

Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.


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    Claudio Loreiro
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    A service of quality with special assistance made by a pro team.

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    BRLOGIC has been providing the streaming, website and mobile App for us from Rádio Conectados for 7 years
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