The different professions required in a radio station

Radio is one of the most traditional forms of media. Unlike television, its audience hasn’t diminished with the advent of the internet. It continues to be the companion of homemakers, drivers, youth, and even children.

Since radio broadcasts usually involve only one presenter at a time, it’s easy for listeners to overlook the size of the structure required to make everything work correctly. In a traditional radio station, there are various distinct professions, each with an essential function.

Do you want to know what they are and how they make a difference in the functioning of this great and traditional medium of communication? Then continue reading this text to learn more.

Which professionals are involved in the operation of a radio station?

Behind the music, announcements, news, and advertisements, there are several professionals who work tirelessly to deliver the programming to the audience. Let’s meet them:

Program Coordinator: This professional is responsible for planning, controlling, and executing the entire radio program. In other words, it’s their responsibility to schedule programs, news, commercials, jingles, and promos at the right time. This requires a lot of attention because any mistake directly impacts the quality of the programming. In addition to organizing everything, they need to handle unforeseen events and quickly find solutions so that the listener doesn’t notice any problems.

Creator: This is the professional responsible for creating programs, jingles, spots, commercial scripts, arrangements, and everything else to make the radio programming attractive and appealing to the audience while pleasing the sponsors.

Art Director: They are responsible for overseeing the radio programming and all the professionals involved, as well as closely monitoring all production aspects to ensure quality before it goes on air.

Editor: The editor is the professional who works after the recording phase because the voice-overs and recorded advertisements need to be edited to obtain a high-quality final product.

Manager: The manager is responsible for acquiring productions for the radio to promote business growth through practical solutions obtained from individuals who offer products for this purpose. They are usually experienced professionals who have worked in various roles within a broadcasting station.

Producer: This is the professional who works on production. They are the ones who obtain all the necessary support for radio productions, such as programs, recording commercials, and more.

Scriptwriter: This professional guides the different parts of a commercial or live/non-live program recording, developing the step-by-step instructions to ensure the production is of high quality.

Technician: This person is responsible for implementing all the processes planned by the creator and scriptwriter, as well as operating soundboards and audio recording equipment.

Although the professions within a radio station are well-divided and organized, it’s true that not all radio stations have dedicated professionals for each specific function. Due to cost considerations or the size of the radio station, in many cases, the same professional may end up being responsible for several of the functions we mentioned.

Requirements for positions in a radio station

If you’re interested in working at a radio station, pay attention to the requirements:

Good communication skills in both oral and written parts. Regardless of the position you plan to occupy at a radio station, this is essential. There will always be moments when you’ll need to help write scripts for recordings, short news texts, messages, and more. Not to mention, it’s a crucial factor for professional growth.

Commitment, punctuality, and responsibility. In a radio station, there’s no room for the word “later.” If a task is not completed on time, the entire station will be affected.

Creativity. Unexpected situations occur all the time, and a creative professional will make all the difference when things don’t go as planned.

Ability to work in a team. As mentioned in this text, working at a radio station means dealing with multiple professionals at the same time. The station’s well-being depends on the commitment of all professionals.

Organization and caution. The equipment in a radio station is expensive and sensitive, without exception. The professional must handle them with caution and be organized to keep them in impeccable condition.

What course to take to work in a radio station

If you intend to work in radio, a Radio and TV course will greatly contribute to your professional development. Other courses such as Social Communication, Advertising and Marketing, and Journalism can also be helpful.

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Working in a radio station will make you an excellent professional, as the experiences and learning gained in this environment will stay with you for a lifetime.

Now you know what professions are necessary in a radio station and how to study to qualify for work in this field. Seek information about relevant courses and start preparing now.

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