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Do you own a hotel or resort? Have you ever thought about creating an online radio station for your business? Check out our post to learn about the advantages of this feature, which go far beyond an indoor radio.

How does an online radio work?

Before we delve into the benefits, let’s take a moment to explain exactly what an online radio is and how it works.

An online radio is a radio station that broadcasts its programming over the internet using streaming technology, instead of using the traditional radio wave system.

These radio stations can be transmitted and listened to from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection available.

The first step in broadcasting an online radio is to subscribe to a streaming plan. Providers have servers that capture the audio and distribute it to listeners in real-time.

That’s the gist of it! Now that you understand how an online radio works, we can move on.

Features that a streaming plan can offer for your hotel

There is a multitude of features and tools that a streaming provider can offer to hotels or resorts looking to create an online radio station.

The features may vary depending on the chosen provider or plan, so it’s important to pay attention when making a decision. Here are some of them:

Live broadcasting or pre-recorded programming

Live broadcasting is done directly from a computer, while pre-recorded broadcasting occurs through Auto DJ. In a streaming plan, both forms of broadcasting are available, but for a hotel, it is recommended to use Auto DJ for the broadcasts.

With Auto DJ, you can prepare all the programming in advance by creating and scheduling playlists for automatic playback. This way, the hotel’s web radio can be on air 24/7, without the need to have an employee solely dedicated to this function.

Manageable website for the hotel

With this feature, you can have a fully manageable website that is simple and quick to handle, as it comes ready-made and structured by modules.

There are many interesting modules that can be useful for tourism businesses, such as a photo album to showcase images of the property and tourists’ memories; a news and events module to keep users well informed; a promotions module for conducting giveaways, and a polls module that can be used to gather feedback from guests.

Custom app for the hotel radio

Radio apps are essential to make accessing the radio more convenient and quick. With this tool, guests can follow the hotel’s web radio programming right in the palm of their hand, without missing any information.

The hotel radio on TV

In addition to being able to listen to the radio through mobile devices, it is also possible to follow your hotel’s programming on TV through Google Cast, both in the hotel rooms and anywhere else.

To learn more about this feature, check out the post we have on the subject by clicking here.

Content to complement the programming

Some streaming providers offer customers a library of audio content to complement radio programming. You can take advantage of this feature by including educational campaigns that promote the values of your establishment in the programming.

Time announcements

It’s always good to be informed about the correct time, right? Especially when you’re on vacation in a hotel or resort and planning to participate in activities suggested by the establishment or wanting to keep track of a specific event. With this feature, nobody loses track of time, and guests can make the most of their stay.

Statistics system

It’s worth checking if the chosen provider offers this tool, as it will be of great utility for your business. With a quality statistics system, you can track the number of listeners by country, state, and city, as well as audience and playback history.

Advantages of setting up an online radio for your tourism establishment

Creating an online radio can bring several benefits to establishments such as hotels or resorts. Below are some of the main advantages:

Enhances the guest experience

By creating an online radio, the hotel can offer personalized and suitable music programming that creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for guests.

Additionally, the radio can include useful information about the city and its tourist attractions, making it easier for tourists staying at the hotel.

Increases hotel visibility

In addition to the advantage of keeping guests well informed before, during, and after their stay, by providing an online radio, the hotel can increase its online presence since the radio can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. This can attract new guests and generate more business for the hotel.

Strengthens the brand

Having an online radio can help strengthen the hotel’s brand by creating a unique and recognizable sound identity and showing that the establishment is always evolving, keeping up with new trends and technologies available in the market.

Additionally, the radio can include promotional jingles from the hotel itself, promoting its services and offers to the listeners. Guests can hear information about spa services, restaurants, or activities available on-site.

This promotion increases guests’ awareness of the options offered by the hotel and may encourage them to book additional services during their stay, increasing the revenue of the establishment.

Flexibility in programming

An online radio allows the hotel to have complete autonomy for broadcasting and control over the programming, being able to change the playlist at any time and include extra content such as news, event announcements, sponsors, partners, and last-minute notices.

Quick, easy, and affordable

Creating an online radio can be relatively simple and affordable, especially when compared to other forms of advertising and marketing.

The signup process is simple, without bureaucracy; just fill out a registration form, make the payment, and the service is activated. Some providers even offer a free trial period.

Once your account is activated, you can start live broadcasting and schedule Auto DJ playlists as desired, and you will already have access to the manageable website to update it with hotel content.

In no time, you will have a radio station on the air, with a personalized website that can be accessed by everyone. Your hotel will be available to the world!


As we have seen in this post, creating an online radio can be an excellent strategy for hotels looking to enhance the guest experience, promote hotel services and offers, increase their online visibility, strengthen their brand, and create a personalized and appealing music programming, providing a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

With low production costs and great programming flexibility, online radio can be a powerful marketing tool for hotels of all sizes and segments.

BRLOGIC is a leading streaming provider and has the perfect solution for your hotel or resort. Visit our website and check out all the features that will provide an incredible experience for your guests and take your business to new heights!

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Claudio Loreiro
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A service of quality with special assistance made by a pro team.

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