How to create an online radio focused on education

How to create an online radio focused on education

Education is, undoubtedly, one of the most fundamental rights for any population in the world. Creating an online radio focused on education can be an excellent strategy to create a project with the purpose of existence and, at the same time, gain a loyal audience.

Radio is a democratic means of communication and is considered a tool with great educational potential.

Online radios have increasingly gained space in the digital world and proved to be a cheap and efficient tool for teaching.

Creating an online radio station focused on education may be easier than you think!

What is required to build an online radio focused on education?

Creating an educational internet radio goes through several steps, and you must dedicate the necessary time for each of them. We have selected some tips below to help you start your educational internet radio project the right way. And we went further! We also explain how to create the content for your online radio, the equipment you need, how to promote the project, and much more. Check it out.

Tips for creating an educational online radio

  1. Choose a name for your online radio station, considering the dedicated educational topic.
  2. Identify your target audience. What age group do you want to reach? The social classes? Their interests?
  3. Master the topic you will cover.
  4. Pay special attention to the visual art of your educational internet radio. The logo and colors should match the theme of your radio.
  5. Establish partnerships with other websites, associations, and radios with complementary content to yours.

Content tips for educational online radio stations

  1. In educational radio stations that aim to raise awareness, dedicate part of your programming to promote social campaigns.
  2. We highly recommend using educational programs and campaigns.
  3. Diversify the content, choosing the best time and day of the week for each specific theme.
  4. Promote panels and interviews with professionals in areas related to your online radio.
  5. Keep much of your programming in recorded content. It allows you greater control over the broadcast schedule. To do this, use Auto DJ.
  6. Be creative when preparing your content! Contextualize seemingly different themes and show the connection between them.
  7. Dedicate time to entertainment, and take advantage of it to advertise your radio’s program grid.
  8. Pay attention to your audience’s feedback. Use your radio website’s interaction features to maintain close contact with your listeners.

Equipment for an online educational radio:

  1. A computer to be used during live broadcasts and to create the program grids in Auto DJ.
  2. Internet connection, preferably cable (ADSL or optical fiber).
  3. A microphone for live broadcasts and to record the content to be automatically broadcasted by Auto DJ.
  4. Soundboards or audio interfaces are optional and can be replaced with free software, like Voicemeeter.

How to promote your online radio focused on education.

  1. Design a website for your online radio, and be sure it is regularly updated.
  2. Create profiles on the main social networks used by your target audience.
  3. If possible, have an App for Android smartphones for your online radio. It increases your radio’s reach and allows your audience to follow you anywhere.
  4. Make use of radio aggregators.

That’s it! Now all that remains is to launch your online radio.

Advantages of creating an online radio

The reach of the online internet radio is enormous. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can listen to the programming via the Internet. Online radios are an excellent option for those who want to express their ideas and dream of owning their online radio to discuss a particular topic. Or to express their taste for a specific genre of music.

They not only have a low investment cost and structure, as your home can house them, online radio also has a far-reaching audience. With smartphones and internet access at hand, the audience for online radio has grown dramatically. And the demand for streaming audio services increases every day, even among people who only wish to have an online radio as a hobby.

Education is communication!

Have you ever heard of educommunication? It is a concept under construction that addresses using communication and media in general in the educational process. Many schools have made use of this resource to great benefit.

The radio was introduced in schools to improve the text and verbal expression skills. As a result, it enhanced the dedication of students who nowadays need an extra stimulus to maintain focus and create greater involvement in the learning process because of the advancement of technology. Having a internet radio in the school provides students with a higher level of learning and knowledge. This tool stimulates debates among the population regarding social problems, creating more democratic and egalitarian relations.

Through audio streaming technology, students can create their programs. Also, promote their work and debate issues of collective interest like health, education, safety, and culture.

The entire community can follow the online radio program and quickly and dynamically access relevant information. Through the internet radio, they can become aware of the problems related to society and take action to change this reality.

Education is every citizen’s fundamental right, and it changes the reality of a population. Through education, one can dream of a better tomorrow for all, forming better citizens.

Creating an online radio focused on education requires dedication and work to bring reliable information to listeners, but the benefits are enormous.

In today’s generation, the participation of the media in education is increasing. Creating an internet radio focused on education has proven to be an intelligent and effective strategy to transmit knowledge and information, contributing to citizenship empowerment.

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About the author

Luiz Silveira

Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.


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  • Dear sir/madam, I am a retired Professor, former Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology and Director of educational multimedia research centre, university of Mysore. I would like to start one online radio service which is for students to improve their academic background. People may not pay for such educational avenues. However, I wanted to try. I may not be able to pay big monthly charges for streaming audio. But if it is good, i will try. Please advice. Regards,
    Prof. A. Balasubramanian
    University of Mysore, Retired prof.

    • Hello, Prof. Balasubramanian, how are you? Glad to know! I’m sure your project will be of great value for your students. 🙂
      We are sending you a message with details about the online radio station service, ok? Fell free to ask anything.

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