Are you a DJ? Have your own online radio

If you’re in the early stages of your DJ career, you must be wondering how to promote your work. Before searching for the best music platforms on the internet, have you considered creating an online radio station?

There’s a good chance that you’re not fully tapping into the potential of the internet at this crucial moment of promoting your work. If you want to have more visibility in the market and be known as an innovative person, read this article to the end.

What is an online radio?

Also known as web radio, an online radio station broadcasts real-time content through internet streaming services. In short, it’s a website that provides audio content, such as music and radio programs, just like a traditional radio station.

How can an online radio station help me?

There are two essential things you need to know to be a DJ:

1)The feeling, the ability to know which music is most suitable for each moment of a party.

2)Understanding the processes of mixing and manipulating sound to create fantastic works that adapt to various environments.

These are basic skills for a DJ. But how can you become a successful DJ?

The job market, in general, doesn’t care about what you claim to know. It wants to see results of what you have already done, and for that, you need to be seen. And an excellent way to be visible is to have a web radio station playing your mixes and setlists twenty-four hours a day.

Doesn’t that sound like a good promotion for your work? I’m sure it does.

Advantages of web radio over other media

I know what you’re probably thinking: I can promote my compositions and sets on any music platform. Why would I choose an online radio station?

One of the reasons is that, unlike sites like SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, or social networks, the radio station can carry your name in the domain, meaning in the website’s URL. For example, instead of having a link directed to your Facebook page, you can create the domain, guaranteeing much greater credibility to your name. Additionally, the interface is fully customizable and can reflect your taste more genuinely.

Radio is the medium that people often feel closest to. That’s why it’s important to have specific times to communicate with your audience, whether by hosting programs or simply commenting on the songs that will be played. This is what sets your radio station apart from a mere music player and creates a personality for your brand, for your name.

Another advantage of radio is that it’s 100% free for the listener. For example, Spotify doesn’t allow you to listen to a playlist from start to finish in the free version—suggested songs are automatically included in the playback. In this regard, the radio is more advantageous for the listener because they can request songs they want to hear, read the lyrics on the screen, and don’t have to pay anything for it. Some radio stations mix listener requests with the original programming, but it’s also possible to allocate a specific time of the day to play only the most requested songs.

Web radio is an incredible and largely unexplored tool, and that can be advantageous for you. Working with an accessible and 100% customizable tool ensures that you are known for innovating in the market. And who isn’t interested in hiring innovative people?

In a web radio station, you can also have a space to display the station’s schedule as well as upcoming shows and events where you’ll be appearing. This way, you can attract the audience that listens to your radio station to watch you live. Isn’t that fantastic?

Is web radio for me?

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced DJ, online radio can be a perfect fit for your needs.

If compositions are your strong suit, you can schedule various times of the day to play them and allocate shorter times for setlists.

Now, if you’re just starting out in your career and don’t have many compositions yet, a suggestion is to mix them with other songs in the setlist or do live recordings, building the musical arrangements on the spot. As you gain more experience, you can re-record the best ones or simply forget about the ones that didn’t turn out well.

How to create an online radio station in 3 steps

After seeing all these advantages, the question is: What do I need to do to have my own web radio station? Believe it or not, the step-by-step process is simpler than you might imagine and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge.

1)First and foremost, you need a computer with a good internet connection. The specifications don’t need to be top-notch; what’s important is that it performs well for basic tasks and has a stable internet connection.

2)The basic equipment you’ll need is a microphone and a mixer. For beginners, it’s best to get a headset with a microphone, paying attention to the audio quality and comfort. If possible, investing in a professional microphone is more suitable. As for the mixer, apart from being the main equipment for a DJ, it’s essential if you plan on having frequent guest appearances, as it allows for the use of two or more microphones simultaneously.

3)Lastly, you’ll need to hire a streaming service to get your radio station on the air. The streaming service ensures that the audio is delivered with quality and speed from one end to the other during the transmission. This service also provides you with a platform to manage the website where your radio station is being broadcasted and the necessary technical support.

Now that you know the advantages of a web radio station for promoting your DJ work, take a free and non-binding test by clicking here.

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Luiz Silveira

Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.

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    Claudio Loreiro
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    A service of quality with special assistance made by a pro team.

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    BRLOGIC has been providing the streaming, website and mobile App for us from Rádio Conectados for 7 years
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