6 reasons why a blogger should have their own online radio station

6 reasons why a blogger should have their own online radio station

To understand the benefits of an  online radio station on a blog, first we need to understand that a radio station increases the range of a blogger's posts. But, how does this happen?

Whoever owns a blog already has a channel to share their content. On this channel, the blogger may even get paid for their posts. And this happens because blogs with high numbers of readers are desirable spaces for others who wish to advertise and sell products.

That is why advertiser are always willing to pay a blogger to put up ads on their blogs. And, the more people reading it, the more attractive the blog will became for advertising on.

Consequently, the more ads that a blog has, the higher is the medium's income.

With this idea in mind, why not multiply the number of people reached by a blog through an on-line radio station. It's an excellent way to raise a blogger's income.

If you're still unsure, check out some more reasons to invest in your own web radio station

1. Research shows the reaches of online radio stations.

Digitalization is a tool for a radio station to be in tune with its audience. This is what was identified in the latest Regular Radio Research released by the Kantar Ibope Media.

The study showed that 89% of people residing in 13 metropolitan areas of the country listen to radio stations. This percentage represents 52 million people who spend an average of more than five hours a day listening to radio.

From this total, 15% listen through their mobile phones, 5% through their computers, and 56% use conventional receivers.

According to another study done by (that covers the traditional radio market, online radios, as well as the digital format), the audience has the following characteristic:

– Eight out of ten people listen to the radio over the internet at least once per week;

– From a total of five thousand people interviewed, 94% listen to digital audio.

These percentages support the current reach of online radio stations and how such platform can increase it reach altogether.

2. An online radio station raises the efficiency of ads posted on blogs.

Blogs can earn money through paid publicity posts, banners and interactive ads. So, how will a online radio station add to a blog financially?

To answer this question, you need to understand a little of how advertising messages work. See below:

– An ad becomes efficient through repetition;
– An online radio station can broadcast an advertising message repeatedly;
– Advertising messages that are constantly listened to strengthen audience familiarity with brands;
– Familiar brands are considered trustworthy, therefore, their products are consumed more;
– This potential for familiarization, ensuring that certain brands are always present in the listener's lives, is what makes a blog's online radio station attractive for advertisers; and lucrative for bloggers.

These advantages are present only in the audio format. As far as banners and advertising go, this repetition would become too evident, even compromising the blog's credibility.

3. The online radio station's programming can be customized to reach your blog's target audience

Programming focused on a blogger's target audience will lead listeners to specific blog post and segments of the blog itself. This segmentation can be done by:

– Age group;
– Sex;
– Social class;
– Geographical location;
– Specific interests.

All of these specifications guarantee that the content reaches its desired target group, which avoids message dispersion. This is an interesting quality for advertisers because it guarantees a better return from their investment on publicity.

4. An online radio station can be in contact with your blog's audience at all times.

People can multi-task as they listen to music on an online radio station. Some examples of activities they can do as they listen are:

– Driving;
– Working;
– Studying;
– Researching on the internet;
– Walking or running on a treadmill;
– Working out;
– Taking a walk around town;
– Doing the shopping at the supermarket;
– Browsing shops at the mall;
– Waiting in line, like at the bank;
– Taking a walk in park, along with other activities.

Besides the potential and constant presence of a station on the target audience's lives, research shows that ads on the radio are better perceived than on television, the listeners bear them better than on the screen.

A radio listener is less likely to switch the station when an ad comes on. This characteristic is extremely attractive to advertisers, because their objective is branding their product or service.

5. An online radio station is agile and dynamic, supplementing the blog.

An online radio station has the means of reacting immediately to current events. Its agility can supplement any blog providing a relevant information service.

Radio stations are the ideal medium for information that can't wait for the normal time it takes for posting and reading it. In other words, urgent events that urge for immediate communication. By broadcasting urgent news and events, the blogger strengthens their ties to the local community. They also establish their positive image of communicating relevant information.

Some examples of events that can be broadcasted on an online radio station before being posted on a blog are:

– A traffic jam that causes a major avenue to come to a standstill. The local residents can be informed by the blog's station.
– If a robbery or another crime is committed, is another example.

6. An online radio station produces involvement

As it's common, the audience can interact with the bloggers by leaving comments on posts made by both the bloggers themselves and the readers. That is how a blogger may participate in conversations, providing whatever additional information they see fit.

However, if a blogger wishes to advertise a contest or a give-away of prizes to their readers, there is nothing better than having the support of an online radio station. This is mainly because the station allows great public involvement of its target audience with the contest and give-aways.

The listeners may be encouraged to giving answers live on the radio, in the expectation of winning a prize. Check out some possibilities:

– Listeners can talk live online, just as they do on traditional radio stations;

– Listeners may answer questions about blog posts and have broadcasted immediately on air, live.

So, are you convinced in investing on an online radio station? Share your thought s with us on the comment section.

If you want to start an online radio station for your blog, click here and test it for 7 days free of charge!

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Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.

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