12 tips to be a good radio announcer

You must have already stopped to think what you must do to be a good radio announcer. That is because, probably, you do not want to be just another professional, but the professional. If you aim to stand out and be acknowledged as good in what you do, this must be the reason that you arrived at this post.

Experience is usually behind every successful professional, and it is no different for a radio announcer. Nevertheless, besides this, there are important tips which can help you to be better in this career. Tips which will increase your chances of being a good radio announcer and being acknowledged as such.

Check out below how you can become a better announcer:

1 – Preparation

To be a good announcer you will need to prepare yourself. Clealy, there is the preparation related to the speech itself, which involves from a clear pronounciation to knowing how to control breathing and maintain a good diction. But there is also the daily preparation, which goes beyond the voice: it refers to your routine on the air.

A good announcer must be ready for what will occur in the program. Therefore, arriving early and interacting with the subjecs and schedule of the day is essential and indispensable.

To do so, see the tips below:

– Know beforehand the sequence of songs which will be played;

– Find out about possible interviewees;

– Be aware of the news.

As you can see, preparing to be a good announcer can begin well before when you will be on the air.

2- Know how to improvise

A good announcer needs to speak natural and this can require the aid of o improvising on many occasions. There are situations in which things do not go as planned and you will have to act alone.

Whether due to last-minute news, an error or even an awkward answer of an interviewer. Opportunities will not be lacking requiring you to be streetwise.

Therefore, try to create situations in which you need to speak about random issues and find information about subjects which you do not know. Thus, you will be able to be a better professional every day.

3 – Keep yourself updated

Being aware of what is happening in the city, country and world will enable you to be able to make knowledgeable comments about events.

This does not mean that you need to understand all the subjects profoundly. What is important here is knowing enough to keep yout listener informed.

This will aid you if you need to improvise. And, besides that, you will have more credibility as a professional.

4 – Use a simple language

Remember that you are on a radio station. People will pay attantion to what you say, and you need to ensure that they can understand you clearly, so that the information comes without noises.

To do it, maintaining a simple language with clear words easy to understand will aid you in transmitting your message. Prefer short sentences, so that you can connect more easily with your listeners.

5 – Take care of your voice

Your voice is not the only factor which will aid you in being a good announcer, however, taking care of it is essential. Indeed, it will be your daily work instrument.

Therefore, follow the guidelines below:

– Drink enough water;

– Avoid alcohol, as well as very cold or hot drinks;

– Before the voiceover, avoid food which can thicken the saliva and make you clear your throat – such as milk, yoghurt, chocolate and cheese;

– Avoid food with anesthetic effects, as they can hide problems which you can have with the voice;

– Do not smoke, as cigarettes harm the respiratory system;

– Execute mouth washing to avoid infections in the throat.

6 – Execute oral exercises

Doing exercises which aid in maintaining the voice clear are essential to being a good announcer. This is because they will avoid injury to your vocal cords.

It is recommended that, daily, you practice tongue and lip exercises to relax the vocal folds.

7 – Rest your voice

To be a good announcer, you will have to save yout voice when you are out of the studio. Vocal rest is essenital, as it will ensure that you are ready to work the next day.

Furthermore, when you are on the air, you need to be concerned about other things. Your voice and if it will handle the recording of the day cannot – and must not – be one of these concerns.

8 – Have a good performance on the air

Performing well when you are recording the program is much more than speaking well. Try to be at ease and control anxiety, if you are live broadcasting.

Therefore, it is important to breathe well and remain relaxed. Being prepared will aid you in feeling more confidente and, consequently have a better performance when you are working.

9 – Avoid misuse of language

One thing it to have a catchphrase, a phrase you are known by. Quite another is to have misuse of languagem, using words or expressions repeatedly.

Some examples are:

– Right;
– Isn’t it;
– Ah;
– Like that;
– So.

There is no magic formula whereby you can get rid of this habit. The tip here is to control yourtself, paying a lot of attention to situations in which you resort to misuse of language. Only by doing it you will be able to create your own means of freeing yourself of this problem.

10 – Maintain speech rhythm

A worthy tip which will aid you in being a good radio announcer is knowing how to speak calmly and deliberately. Always bear in mind that the listeners depend upon your voice to remain updated about what is happening. And, therefore, you cannot pour out the words, speaking in an accelerated way.

Therefore, seek to maintain speech rhythm. And understand that speaking deliberately does not mean being slow, but being clear.

11 – Follow different radio stations and programs

Following up the work of other radio broadcasters and professionals is a way of improving yourself as a profissional. It will help you in putting yourself in the place of the listenser on seeing what functions and what does not function.

You will be able to see how good profissionals deals with unusual situations and, thus, be able to learn with their hits and misses.

At first, you can base yourself on a well known professional. Nevertheless, use this learning to find you own way and style.

12 – Know your audience

From the moment in which you are in a determined radio or program, it is important to know the profile of those following up your work. This will help you in directing yourself better to your listeners.

Whether at the time of choosing the vocabulary or looking at determined subjects, knowing the audience is the basis to become a better announcer. As it is your audience that will also judge the end result of your work.

Therefore, if the radio has Facebook, find time to check who interacts through the fanpage. It is also valid to pay attention to the profile of the listeners who call. All this will help you to know who your listeners are and know them better.

And last but not least, it is also important to show your skills to the world!

A good way to create an online portfolio for announcers is start an online radio station.

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So, do you have any tip or suggestion to give do someone who wants to be a good radio announcer? Then, do not fail to comment in this post.

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Luiz Silveira is a specialist in digital marketing and a radio, music and technology enthusiast. With a decade of experience, he aims to help radio stations better position thenselves on the internet.


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